Your Guide to Valentine’s Day Wellness Gifting

What to buy for your partner (or what to tell your partner to buy you!)

Every year Valentine’s Day seems to sneak up on us, the glitter and sparkle of Christmas has barely settled and then all of a sudden Valentine’s Day is upon us. But fear not! We are here with a stress free guide of what you can buy your loved one, or what you can hint at them to buy you.

Chocolates and roses may be a classic this time of year, but we’ve got some great alternative suggestions to help you treat your Valentine to a relaxing and indulgent day.

To Warm their Heart:

It’s February, it’s freezing and thanks to COVID we’re spending a lot more time on the sofa, so how about surprising your loved one with one of our comforting Long Hot Water Bottles. You and your Valentine can curl up on the couch together while you’re binging your favourite TV series and stay warm and cosy. Available in a range of beautiful materials from faux fur to tartan there’s one to suit everyone’s tastes.


To Soothe their Soul:

I think we can all admit that life isn’t that easy at the moment, and we could probably all do with making some time for ourselves to relax, but now that our living rooms and bedrooms have become our offices it can be hard to separate work and home life. If it sounds like we’re describing your Valentine then maybe the perfect gift for them would be some Time Out. With our rose fragranced Time Out collection they can enjoy a soothing bath or a rejuvenating night’s sleep. It might not sound like much, but these periods of relaxation are immensely important for our mental health. Plus, because nothing says Valentine’s quite like roses we're taking 30% off of the Time Out collection between now and Valentine's Day.


To Release their Inner Child:

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be serious, sometimes it’s just nice to let the one you love know that you care and, to paraphrase Phoebe, that they’re your lobster! Our adorable Lobster Hotties are the ultimate quirky Valentine’s Day gift, not only are they super soft and huggable, but they also come with a removable calico pouch infused with lavender oil that can be heated in the microwave.

P.S. If you have two they can hold claws!