Giving the Gift of Wellness on Mother's Day

How do you show the women in your life, mums or otherwise, that you truly appreciate them? Occasions like Mother’s Day can sometimes feel very commercialised, and we forget the reason why we’re buying cards and searching for presents. Remember when Mother’s Day was about cooking your mum breakfast in bed and making her a handmade card? This might not be possible in today’s climate, but the meaning behind it is still achievable. Our mums are constantly working to look after us so why not give them the gift of relaxation? We’ve pulled together a few ideas in the hope that your shopping experience will be less stressful and that the important women in your life will take the time off that they so deeply deserve.

For Non-Stop Mums:

Ideal for those that always have full to do lists and rarely take the time to sit down and relax, a diffuser is the perfect gift. While they’re busy getting everything done they can use their diffuser to create a positive atmosphere. Whether they need some calmness or an energy boost, paired with the correct oil a diffuser can cater to whatever mood they require. Or if you can persuade them to sit down for longer than five minutes diffusers are great for encouraging a bit of mindfulness. Closing their eyes and enjoying the beautiful aromas of essential oils can be a great way to rebalance their mind and body.

For Tired Mums:

Sleep is incredibly important for all of us, but when there’s a lot going on we sometimes find it hard to drift off even though we know it’s vital for our wellbeing. If this sounds like your mum then some sleep well gifts might be just what she needs. Lavender is well known for its sleep related benefits, that’s why we use lavender essential oil in our sleep well pillow sprays, rollerballs and bath oils, all of which are great methods for encouraging a restful night’s sleep.

For Glamorous Mums:

All mums deserve a little bit of luxury and our faux fur collection is the perfect combination of indulgence and wellness. Encourage her to get some quality rest with an eye mask, to snuggle up on the couch with a hot water bottle or to soothe her aches and pains with a body wrap.