Inner Balance Calm Eye Pillow - Chamomile and Jasmine

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Take a moment of deep relaxation with this heatable eye pillow. The soothing heat of the inner warming bag will help to calm your mind, soothe strained or dry eyes and release any facial tensions. Our eye pillows come with a removable cover and a flaxseed filling which has been fragranced with Chamomile and Jasmine essential help calm and relax the mind.

Calm & Relax
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Contents -

Cover: 100% Viscose

Warming Insert: Cover 100% Cotton  Tourmaline Beads Fragranced with Chamomile & Jasmine essential Oil 

Colour - Blue

Cutting out visual stimulus, including light, sends a message to your brain that it’s time for your mind to be still.  Resting with an eye pillow on your eyelids can calm those racing thoughts and allow your mind and body to fully switch off aiding a deep relaxation.

1.Ensure microwave is clean and turntable can rotate freely.

2. Remove microwaveable insert from the cover.

3. Place in the microwave ensuring the filling is evenly distributed.

4. Place a half-filled cup of water in the microwave with the insert.

5. Heat up t o a maximum of 1 minute for 500-750 watt microwaves and a maximum of 30 seconds for 800-1000 watt microwave.

6. If it feels too cool,, you may warm again, in increments of no more than 15 seconds at a time until the desired temperature is  reached.

7. Allow to cool for 30 seconds, re-insert into the cover and securely fasten.