Hemp Oil Body Wrap with Lavender

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Our Hemp Oil Body Wrap is infused with the natural anti-inflammatory to assist muscle recovery and relieve tension. Wherever you're feeling sore, you can place this body wrap on areas of discomfort to ease pain and swelling. The body wrap has a microwaveable pouch that can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer for added benefit. With a soft plush green cover and two straps for easy application, the body wrap will comfort and soothe wherever you need it most. Try draping over your shoulders if you're stuck at your desk all day, or applying to the backs of your calves if you're a runner to relieve some of the pressure.

Pain Relief Calm & Relax
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Size - 49cm (H) x 14cm (W)

Info/Ingredients -

Cover = Polyester
Inner Warming Bag - Cotton Cover, Tourmaline Clay Beads infused with Hemp Oil and Lavender

Colour - Lilac

Heat therapy is a great natural way to ease aches and pains, soothe sore muscles and aid relaxation. Our hemp body wrap has been infused with hemp oil which is a natural anti-flammatory and Lavender essential oil which contains properties to help calm, relax and aid sleep.

  1. 1. Ensure microwave turntable is clean and can rotate freely.
  2. Remove the inner warming bag and place inside microwave.
  3. Place a half-filled cup of water in the microwave with the product.
  4. Heat up to a maximum of 2 minutes for 500-750 watt microwaves and a maximum of 1.minute 30 seconds for 800-1000-watt microwaves.
  5. If it feels too cool for your needs warm again in increments, of 15 seconds at a time.
  6. Place the inner warming bag back inside the cover.